Consecrated April 22nd 1950 in the Province of Essex, England.

The earliest records  relating to Tudor Lodge are minutes of a founders meeting dated Thursday May 13th 1948.  It was at this meeting that the first officers were selected, the venue, which at that time was the Overcliff Hotel, was also decided upon.  It is recorded that a good deal of discussion took place with regard to the name of the Lodge, finally Tudor was agreed upon, however no indication is given as to what prompted that choice. An alternative name was also put forward in case Grand Lodge rejected the first, it was Canthus, the dictionary definition of which is - “Either of the angles formed where the upper and lower eyelids meet”.

Whilst it is true that the majority of the founder members were from Prittlewell Lodge, it is interesting to note that three were from other local Lodges, i.e. Albert Lucking, Hadleigh Castle and Sir Francis Drake and the remaining founders were members of Percy Lodge  (Newcastle), Fraternal (Blackpool), St Annes (London), Good Hope (London), Stability  (London), Royal Victorian Jubilee (Upminster), Facta non Verba (London), Wandsworthian (Surrey) and Eccleston (London).

The question of which ritual to adopt appears to have prompted a great deal of discussion.  As no single ritual was common to all of the founders it was finally agreed to settle with Universal, there then followed a whole year of School of Instruction so that the founders would be fully conversant.  They must have been remarkable people when you consider that they went to all this effort before permission had even been granted to Consecrate the Lodge.  In the end it was to be more than two years before their dream became reality.

 The Tudor "Family Tree" starts with Priory Lodge No 1000 and is then traced through St Clements, Albert Lucking and finally Prittlewell, our Mother Lodge. 


      The Founding Members
      W.Bro. Ernest Crawford,

      W.Bro. Thomas Rabjohns, 

      W.Bro. Henry Gimson, 

      W.Bro. Ralph Scanes, 

      W.Bro. Oswald Brush, 

      W.Bro. Arthur Sloman, 

      W.Bro. William Banbridge, 

      W.Bro. Charles Caiger, 

      W.Bro. Alfred Smith, 

      Bro. Leonard Griffith, 

      Bro. George Hobbs,

      Bro. Oliver Tripcony, 

      Bro. Leonard Smith, 

      Bro. Frederick Blake, 

      Bro. Arthur S.Guiver, 

      Bro. Arthur H,Guiver, 

      Bro. Frederick Lawrence, 

      Bro. Harold F. Iles, 

      Bro. R Turnnidge, 

      Bro. H.Martin,

      Bro. George Cessford. 


      Honorary Members 
      R.W.Bro.Sir Frederick Senior Prov. Grand Master 

      W.Bro. Dr A.E.Duncan Deputy Prov. Grand Master 

      W.Bro. The Rev R.Stafford Morris Asst. Prov. Grand Master 

      W.Bro. Dr John Taylor Asst. Prov. Grand Master 

      W.Bro. W.T.Mitchell Prov. S.G.W. 

      W.Bro. G.J.Mathews Prov. J.G.W 

      W.Bro. A.A. Simmonds Prov. Grand Secretary 

      W.Bro. W.J.Slipper Prov. Grand D.C. 

      W.Bro. E.W.Rainer Prov. Dep. G.D.C. 

      W.Bro. T.Conroy P.P.G.Sw.B. 

      W.Bro. Dr E.P.Brice P.P.G.Org. 

      W.Bro. A.Warriner  Asst. Prov. Grand Secretary 

      W.Bro. W.A.Jones S.G.D. 

      Bro.The Rev J.R.Lewis Prov. G. Chaplain

W.Bro.Arthur S Guiver PPGSWks (Founder)


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